LEGRE has been serving since 2002 and was founded by Gregory Meryliker and Lenny Rabich. The brand has introduced more than 250 styles in eyewear frames. The brand has been famous for its innovative fashionable styles and colors. The brand has been successful in introducing its eyewear to such a level that it has become one of the top names in the industry of eyewear.

The sunglasses of LEGRE are famous in US because of their different styles like retro, vintage and other designer frames. The sunglasses are especially made to provide the wearer with high standard style. The uniqueness of the designs and various colors available for the frames make these sunglasses the perfect choice for style conscious people. Different shapes of sunglasses like oval, square, round, rectangular and more. The brand is also famous for presenting flexible frames, metal or plastic combination frames, matte color finishes and so on. The sunglasses are especially made to protect your eyes from the UV rays and also to provide you with comfort. The high quality materials and high technology is used to make these sunglasses for long durability and easy use. If you want to spend on sunglasses; then there is not point spending on fake and useless ones. Rather, spend on the right brand and right sunglasses. These sunglasses of LERGE on out site will help you maintain your style with full functionality. Take your time to browse through the different styles of sunglasses of LERGE on our site. Order the one you love the most that fits your personality and style. You can order it anytime for a quick delivery.

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