BOLLE started its career in the year 1888 in a small situated in Oyonnax. Since then BOLLE has been dedicated to its creation and has been producing cutting edge designs with real hard work. BOLLE now provides its customer with high tech eyewear collection with cutting edge designs. You will find the essence of the French Alps in the designs of the eyewear collection. In 1950s, BOLLE added the safety glasses as well as goggles to its product line and has been considered as one of the best brands for the athletes. Their eyewear collection is especially known for their high tech fashion and comfort. BOLLE is the representation of a person with active life and personality. The brand promises to provide with most technologically advanced eyewear collection in the industry of eyewear.

The sunglasses of BOLLE are especially made to provide your delicate eyes protection from the unwanted rays of the sun. The sunglasses represent both the style and sporty lifestyle of the wearer. The sunglasses and goggles are known for their highest quality material and especially for their performance and protection. These sunglasses protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. BOLLE is famous for its nylon cat eye glasses, ski goggles and more. With more than 100 years of experience BOLLE is now famous for its innovation productions of sunglasses for sports like gold, tennis, marine and more. Now browse through the different styles, shapes and colors of the sunglasses to choose the one that best fits your needs and requirements to order for a quick delivery.

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