MYKITA is the famous German brand known for its eyewear collections in all over the world. The brand was founded in 2003 by Moritz Kruger, Daniel Haffmans, Phillipp Haffmans and Harald Gottscling. The sunglasses of this brand are especially famous for the hand assembled product manufacturing technique of the brand. The brand is famous for using high class materials and rich defining designs. The cutting edge designs and detailed work of the sunglasses of MYKITA would catch your attention anytime.

The unique and original designs of MYKITA sunglasses are handmade and are the pure representation of hard work and dedication. Each and every pair of sunglasses is made with focused dedication and care. MYKITA’s varieties of designs, shapes, styles and sizes of sunglasses are especially made to help find each individual his or her perfect style and personality in the sunglasses. Broncho, Cooper, Egon, Emil, Crosby, Giles, Atlas, Paavo, Daisuke are some of the designs among various others that MYKITA offers. The unlimited styles and different types of frames and designs would impress you for sure. The sunglasses are especially designed for maximum comfort and durability. The lenses are made to provide you with protection from the harmful rays of sun. The sunglasses are not only rich in looks but are rich in materials, designs and protection.

Check out the different types of MYKITA sunglasses on our site and choose the one you like the most. You would certainly find the one you desire. Order it anytime for a quick delivery!


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