The Italian brand VERSACE was founded in 1978. The eyeglasses of VERSACE are famous for their detailed work and cutting edge designs which define the glamour world with elegance. This trend setting brand is the choice of the people who love glamour world and style. Each pair of VERSACE eyeglasses would impress you with its magnificent design and luxury style. You can find the Italian trait with the twist of Greek mythology in the designs of VERSACE eyeglasses.

The VERSACE eyeglasses come in wide range of styles and designs. Different colors, shapes, sizes of VERSACE eyeglasses are available. Both acetate and metal materials are available for VERSACE eyeglasses while you can also choose from rimless or semi rimless, thick frame or thin frame and so on. Because of the different styles and high quality designs; VERSACE has been famous among people to help each individual find his or her own style. Whether you want to go for a classic look, vintage look, modern look or any other; VERSACE has all kind of styles for you and would make you look exactly the way you desire. Each pair of eyeglasses from VERSACE is beautiful and unique with its color and designs. The eyeglasses are made with latest technology to provide you with comfort, flexibility and durability. The high quality materials used for the VERSACE eyeglasses make the eyeglasses light weight and perfect for regular wear. The lenses would provide you with vision without distortion.

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